milnoc said: Who would have believed that the man who popularized the use of the word "Fap" to describe the sound of male masturbation could also successfully publish 100 highly intelligent and thought provoking strips on the subject of depression? Congratulations Clay!

Thank you. No one is more surprised than me. When I first started it was very spontaneous, I pretty much had the idea and the first two strips finished within two days. Things I actually plan fare far worse. That I did a hundred and I am going on to a second volume is definitely something I did not plan when I started, but I still don’t think I’ve said what I wanted to say about depression. I still think I’m only scratching the surface, and I have to learn to be more honest with myself if I’m going to find the truth.

In the new year, although I’ll be going on to depcom Vol. 2 I also want to do something different. Part of the draw of depcom was that it was something different, I could draw in a different style using different materials and make up a new set of characters. That was a lot of fun, and it motivated and inspired me more than returning to Sexy Losers (as the Thin H Line) did.

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