The Thin H Line is a webcomic in microblog form.  It’s based on an earlier webcomic, Sexy Losers, which was itself originally called the THIN H LINE.

Anyone is free to link, reblog, or repost any the comics as long as they remain free and unmodified (especially the thinhline.tumblr.com url should be left intact and no other URLs inserted).

In contrast to the previous strip, this comic is done entirely on paper using common materials.  Pencils, ballpoint pens, markers, Copic coloring markers, and white-out are all employed in making the final product.  Computer manipulation is limited to brightness-contast and resizing the scanned image.

Updates occur whenever a new strip is ready; there is no fixed schedule.

You can send me a question through the “Ask Me Anything” link on the left, or you can send me an E-mail to thinhline.comic at google’s crazy mail server, gmail.com.